The Yachtly Story

Our founding story and why we started Yachtly

Aug 1, 2023

Why Yachtly?

Guests want electronic payment options and security; brokers, central agents and yacht managers want simplicity and efficiency. Yachtly offers this for all parties in the charter transaction. Yachtly is the only payment platform that gives guests the flexibility to pay how they want, while also providing all stakeholders with a single, easy-to-use interface to automate and track each payment from start to finish.

We understand the flow of funds varies by charter. Once the charter specifics are entered in Yachtly - your job is done! As soon as a payment is received, Yachtly transfers the contracted amounts to the stakeholders. Each transfer is automated, with email correspondence, eliminating the need to follow-up. You can then monitor each transaction in your personal dashboard. We are partnered with US-based, FDIC-insured banks which means the funds are always safe and secure.

Through the power of automation, you can save time and money while guests receive the best possible payment experience. We believe that Yachtly can help make your business more efficient, saving you time so you can focus on what you do best.

The Yachtly Story.

In the spring of 2021, Peter and friends were planning to embark on the trip of a lifetime: an all-inclusive week charter in the Virgin Islands. 

Peter was accustomed to making payments online quickly and easily using apps like Venmo and PayPal, but instead he was asked to send a wire transfer to an unknown bank account in Colorado - for a brokerage that was based in Anguilla. As he prepared to send the wire, he couldn’t help but wonder - is this really legit? After all, he had never seen the yacht or talked to the crew, and the companies who signed the contract didn’t seem to be connected to the vacation broker. Just who was he paying and where was his money going? Could this be a scam? 

As a veteran advisor and attorney to many of the world’s top electronic payments technology companies, these issues were top of mind for Peter. He knew time was of the essence to secure the booking, so he called his bank, crossed his fingers and sent the deposit.

When the day of the charter finally arrived, Peter shared his frustrations about the experience of booking and paying for the trip with Captain Brian and Chef/First Mate Elena. Brian and Elena said they had heard the same stories from many of their guests. The three of them wondered - in this day and age, certainly there had to be a faster, more efficient, more reassuring way to pay. Almost on the spot, the trio decided to join forces to found Yachtly, a payment platform custom-built for the needs of the luxury yacht charter industry.

The team then recruited Judy Price, a catamaran charter Owner/Operator to come on board as CEO. The founding team knew that Judy’s deep knowledge of the issues facing the yacht charter industry and her business background would be essential to communicating the value of the Yachtly solution to the yachting community

The Yachtly team of industry professionals, payments specialists and technology experts has a passion for yachting and has created a payment solution to help - all based on guest, industry experts, yacht owners, and crew insights.

How Yachtly Helps.

With Yachtly:

  • Guests have a variety of secure payment options, including credit cards and ACH payments, (wire transfers coming soon!)

  • You’ll save time and money through automated payment processing and communication at each payment milestone

  • All payments are tracked in a real time dashboard

  • Guests receive automatic reminders for upcoming payments

  • The funds are safe and secure

It’s so simple you will wonder why it hasn’t been done before. Financial technology is complex, but Yachtly makes it easy to integrate with your existing business. Yachtly is positioned to help the charter industry. Let us show you how. 

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Yachtly is not a bank. Yachtly partners with Stripe Payments Company for money transmission services and account services with funds held at Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.